The last Sound Carrier was based around the notion of intrepid intergalactic explorers trying to get to earth, this time we’re taken 10,000 leagues below the surface to trawl the deep sea. All the way down there, we experience increased pressure, sub-zero temperatures, darkness and previously undiscovered new worlds.

Up first we have ‘Lactarius Indigo Mission’, which has a distinct urgency and ‘in-your-face’ bitch slap percussion. The bassline writhes under a variety of squelchy, bleepy effects, which add a layer of depth and the whole thing feels quite ‘electro’. After that ‘From The Space To The Sea’ continues the electro vibes with more punchy beats, a rugged b-line and heavyweight kicks. Carrier’s use of quirky details give this track a unique character and contagious energy.

On the other side we’re treated to another strange Carrier creation, the laidback ‘Kepler 22b’. Named after the first known planet to orbit a sun within what’s known as a ‘habitable zone’, Kepler 22b could well support life. The track is serene and full of optimism, a fitting soundtrack for a distant Earth-like planet. Minimal workout ‘Diver Level 1000’ closes the EP with its unusual arrangement and simple yet deadly programming.

Another addition to the impressive Sound Carrier catalogue and perhaps its most leftfield so far…