Launched in 2010, Sound Carrier is a sub-label of Chris Carrier’s highly-respected Adult Only label. Now on its fifth release, Sound Carrier has been set up as an outlet for techno-infused beats and ‘Disque Radioactif’ is a perfect representation of that sound ethos.

With four original tracks from Chris Carrier, this new EP is based around the original Detroit vibe, with a hint of acid. The tracks all take their titles from famous nuclear devices, giving the music a foreboding overtone.

‘RDS-1’ was the first weapon developed by the Russians during the arms race of the early 20th Century. The track is deep, driving and morose yet full of life. ‘Trinity’ was the codename of the very first nuclear test in 1945, this track is a shivering acid beast, minimal and absorbing. ‘BWR 3’ takes its name from one of the reactors at the doomed Fukushima plant; subtle elements of funk flow through this restrained number. Lastly comes ‘Chicago Pile 1’, the world’s first ever nuclear reactor, and a track that embodies the ominous possibilities of such an invention.