Le Loup & Monsieur Georget (EP) 

  • Label :Adult Only Shape
  • Artist : Le Loup & Monsieur Georget
  • Remixers : No
  • Title : Shape 4 (EP)
  • Cat. : AOS04
  • Vinyl Release: FEB 15
  • Digi Release : No
  • Tracklist :
  1. Le Loup – New Era
  2. Le Loup & Monsieur Georget – Elixir
  3. Le Loup & Monsieur Georget – Dame De Coeur
Adult shape 4

Adult Only Shape is back with an intriguing collaboration, between the Frenchie Monsieur Georget and young Parisian talent Le Loup. A combination of the old skool with the new skool, the sounds are just that.

Each take a pounding bass and a solid minimal-tech stance and layer their character on top. A1 is scattered with futuristic bleeps and computerised murmurs, interspersed with reminiscing vocals, while A2 is the most raw in nature, with a tough techno feel until the smooth overtones set in and a feeling of euphoriatakes over. But some may say B1 is say arguably the standout track, for its intoxicating vocal and irresistible underlying swing and groove.