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Sound Engineer School SAE 1997 Diploma


Past Work :  

Mix, Remix and Released on label Vinyl and Digital from 1994 :

Adult Only Records, Apollonia, Dj Sneak Classic, Robsoul Records, Spectral Sound, Slap Funk Records, Aku, Slow Town Records, Ultrastretch, Hexagonal, Combustible, Welcome to Masomenos, Vitalik Records, Unike Musik, The W Label, Thirtyonetwenty, Sound Carrier Records, Silver Network, Roush, Music For Freaks, Off Recordings, Organic Music, Ready Made, Mouche, Taka, Direct Art, X-86, Act Natural Records, Aimed, Bass Culture, Fasten Musique, In Haus Wax, Minority Music, Hudd Traxx, Do Easy Records, Keep It Zen Records, Just Jack Recordings, Jam With Us, Animo, Blind Box, Artistika, Bass Cadet Records, Holic Trax, Decay Records, Hod Youth, Cool Tool, Highpath Records, Flashmob LTD, Invade Records, Landed Records, One Records, Politics Of Dancing Records, Chronobrain Records, Newfact Music, Objazz Records, Polyphonics Recordings, Oblack Label, Jus Groove it, Lost In House, Landed records, Hund Records, Freak n’Chic, ETE, Avotre, Nervous Records, Detour Recordings, E-Troneek Music, Crack&Speed, Brique Rouge, Hypnotic Music, Felinephonix Music, Kill Brique, Soweso, Shadow Play, Nightshift Records, Zeal, Visitor, Wally’s Groove Wold, SubScience, Sabotage Systems, Gathering, F-Communcation, Dailycid, When You Play It Say It !, Djebali, Frabon Recordings, Ama Recordings, Kailash, Lowdown Music, Utensil recordings, Square Roots. Supplement Facts, Missive, Airtght, Shushitech, Adult Only Shape, Home Invasion, Cuttin’Headz, Hot Creations, Tabla, All Inn Records, Get Physical, Eklo, Esperenza, Motel Connection, Yay, Pias…