Mirco Violi was born in Milan in 1986. The musical journey of Mirco begins near
the 15 years old while listening to some house tapes remained significantly
affected. These tape recordings were mixed by some of the best dj’s on the world
stage as Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, Todd Terry, Theo Parrish and Carl Craig,
so he began to approach of the djing world. Bought decks and mixer with his
music partner Filippo Agnesi, the first vinyls and with him began to mixing only
for passion, doing dance and entertain their friends.
Mirco and Fill started performing for the first time in some small clubs of
their city with the pseudonym « Multiview », where more and more people began to
know the his name.
Since 2007 Mirco starts mixing, writing and producing music alone, sending the
first demos to a few foreign labels; the step is short. In 2008 the German label
Be_chosen (on which artists have recorded as Lemos and Markus Fix) decides to
entrust him a release with a remix for Senor Coconut. During the same period
goes out with an ep on Heimatmelodie (played by Laurent Garnier, Luciano,
Karotte and many others).
In 2009/2010 several successful releases have been issued on OFF, International
Freakshow, Hypercolour, Bloop, Bla Bla, Welt Sounds, Climatic, Catwash, Adult
Only and All Inn Limited. In summer 2010 he joined the SuperNurture family,
international bookings agency directly related to the Audiofly’s label
« Supernature », with artists such as Alex Niggemann, Alejandro Vivanco, Fabio
Giannelli, Ali Nasser.
With this the name of Mirco circulates in the environment of electronic music
where it is appreciated by many world talented dj’s than playing and likes his
productions. The sound proposals by Mirco in his dj sets are a mixture that
passes from funky/deep/tech house to techno and dub, obtaining approval from the
audience all over Europe for his sophisticated sound.



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