This Chicago born artist is a direct product of the House Music
phenomena. Boasting over 15 years behind the decks, Daniell has
rocked some of the most prestigious nightclubs and underground
parties around the world. A true trailblazer in his era, Daniell has
definitely carved his spot in the industry, being happily labeled
« One of Chicago’s Best Underground Secrets! » He has earned respect and
recognition by performing along side some of the worlds largest
global talents, such as, Farley « Jackmaster » Funk, Little Louie Vega, Eddie
Amaedor and DJ Sneak, just to name a few.

Daniell’s innovative production style is truly dynamic and powerful
enough to rock any dance venue. He creates a boombastic style of
« gritty-jackin » house and phat beats mixed with disco dubs and ounces
of vocals to bring out the genuine Chicago flavor that is globally

Daniell’s debut as a music producer was launched by the release of
the « Audio Soul Project » on Chicago’s Moody Recordings and the
world-renowned U.C. label, After Hours. As a result of his
successful debut and the growing popularity of his funky and soulful grooves,
Daniell’s projects have been featured on record labels worldwide,
reaching France, London, Belgium and Canada.

Mr. Spencer’s tracks and live DJ sets « raves » encore performances
wherever he ventures. This is only the beginning for this talented
DJ/Producer. The future will boast a plethora of new releases
including remixes, collaborations and original material.