Boris Horel started his record collection age 14 in his home town of Royan,west coast,France. back then, his first love was for african groove (Fela Kuti,Ali Farka Toure,Bonga,Kaouding Cissoko… for the big names). slowly, it is the all world music (the quality one) and soul/jazz ( Terry Callier,Archie Shep) who makes him understand the power of music and it s content of emotion..then came electronic music and soon,the interest of mixing all those influences together becomes a reality when boris is proposed to mix in this bar and clubs around. After finishing his studies in fine art, Boris Horel arrived in London to start his residency at Momo’s famous Kemia bar/club in early 2000. He will be playing for 3 years, every night of the week, a 5 hours set,contributing of the reputation of the place and it’s winning awards of london best bar. mixing exclusivly electronic music, from electronica to minimal house , Boris was the obvious candidate for the position of resident DJ at Sketch opening in 2003. Since then he has also built a reputation for his deep late-night sets at seminal London house night « Foreign Muck » (@ the Key club) alongside international guest. Foreign Muck is now a very respected party for the quality of the guests and their sets, and has been put together by Mathieu Massadian,Mark Mayer,Greg Sonata and Boris Horel. in 2005,Boris joined the T bar team in East London for a monthly residency …  » Let’s… » Getting more and more respects from the crowd, Boris’s unique style mixes the finest of today’s underground production and « stylish » oldies, with groove and positive energy, trying to keep 2 important elements of his concept: suggestivity of the story, srtongness of the structure.



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