Dj-ing was the dream of Marcman at the age of 15 so he started learning step by step all the things about that .Music was a very important thing for him since he was a little boy. In 2009 he felt that more could be done so he started learning about music production. Not being helped by anyone the road to big labels and good events was a long one. He had several digital releases at some labels like Quanticman, The Factory, Flatpack Traxx, Tzinah, 6th Sense, Soundcrossing Records, Esperanza and Savor Music. All his work helped him to get contacts and to clear his way to vinyl releases. Franco Cinelli and Jorge Savoretti helped him so he had his first vinyl release at Bass Culture Records with 4 original tracks named In Trecere EP. The EP was on 20th place on on 100 Hot Sales House top so was pretty nice for a newcomer.3 new vinyl releases are upcoming from this 21 years old artist at some important labels like Oslo, All Inn and Drumma . He loves all the oldschool music and his tracks got support from big Dj’s like Ricardo Villalobos, Dorian Paic, Raresh, Rhadoo, Pedro, Praslea, Franco Cinelli, D’julz, tINI, Nick Curly and many more.



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