The always trustworthy Sound Carrier label steps back into the limelight to hit us with another fix of quality techno from monsieur Chris Carrier. The Parisian producer never stops making music, and he presents three new extra terrestrial cuts here on this latest instalment from his excellent label. The story here is about two powerful intergalactic beings who discover that they have been lied to by their leaders – there are no magic mushrooms, just a forest of poisoned ones. They have laid down their arms to discuss this despicable turn of events…

Track one is a rolling slice of analogue techno with acid licks and squelches bubbling away at its core. Named ‘Cat’s Eye Nebula’ it sucks us in to an interplanetary vortex, with cosmic FX transporting to the interior of a spaceship, while the beats give the feeling of a bumpy ride into the cosmos.

This is followed by the more composed solemnity of ‘Galactus’. Shuffling beats slide over a funky bassline, the outer space theme continues with Carrier implementing a series of manipulated sounds which convey the feeling of futuristic machinery, blinking dashboards or robots communicating with one another.

Finally, we have ‘Dark Poison’, the inspiration behind the whole EP. More deep 303 vibes on this with a simmering analogue riff, percussion which increases in intensity alongside several layers of melodramatic effects, high-pitched twinkles and chimes which really add to the tension.